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Athas meets the Pros (Lunasa/Flook)
Athas meets the Pros (Lunasa/Flook)
We finally found time in our crazy busy lives to get together as a band NOT to play music but rather to go out and become unbelievably inspired by one of Ireland's greatest Trad bands, Lunasa. We saw their concert out at the Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake WI and I can easily say it was by far one of the most unforgettable experiences for us.
Not only was their music amazing, but the chemistry up there was just as phenomenal. Watching them interact with one another and Kevin having the audience rolling in between sets; it's things like that that one can't experience through their cd's. Which, by the way, their latest one se is fabulous! But, yeah seeing them live definitely has to be one of the best things we could've done together as a band.
We want to give huge thanks to both the Thrasher Opera House and Lunasa for this memorable experience ... with hopes that there'll be many more to come!!!

We had another amazing night watching on of our favorite Trad bands, Flook. athas went to the Crystal Corner bar in Madison to watch Flook play their award winning music. The place was packed with Trad musicians who had got word that Flook was in town.
After the show, we chatted with the boys of Flook, and Amy even got a lesson and some great advice from John Joe Kelly! (Ames was absolutely speechless ... to be drumming alongside John Joe ... it doesn't get any better than that)!
It was definitely an unforgettable night. :)

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Lunasa Live!  By far one of THE best Trad concerts EVER! 3.11.06
Lunasa Live! By far one of THE best Trad concerts EVER! 3.11.06 
Kevin Crawford - Cillian Vallely - Sean Smyth - Trevor Hutchinson - Paul Meehan